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A little bit about the company and the people behind Integrated Dealer Solutions - the provider of Auto Dealer Management Software, DMS system, Car Dealer Software, Electronic Temp Tags, Electronic Metal Plate Transfer and Dealer Websites.


We've been serving car dealerships since 2002.

We are a team with extensive experience in the car industry, experience in high level business consulting, and masters of computer programming. The combination of these skills has led us to be able to provide independent car dealerships with a great product and an incredibly high level of service. We not only offer car dealer programs to our customers, but professional consulting and advisory services as well to help guide your dealership to higher profitability and more efficient operations.

Did you know that no other dealership management system focuses specifically on the state of Florida? Only us! This means that a DMS like Wayne Reaves, Frazer, Auto Logic, or Dealer Desktop has forms, features and fields that are not customized to the specific needs of Florida car dealers. Why is that important? Well, you want to run your business with as little liability as possible. We have personnel tracking the newest regulations for Florida's car dealers to ensure that our program guides you to fully abide by Florida state regulations and laws, and to allow you to rest in confidence knowing that you are following the correct rules when printing paperwork for a sale, arranging financing for a customer, printing a temp tag, doing a metal plate transfer and managing collections for buy here, pay here. Our DMS is just for Florida, but our dealer websites and inventory distribution services are used by dealerships throughout the entire United States.

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