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We hear it time and time again - people are moving to the internet to find their cars. We've even seen magazine companies turn off their printing presses and distribute their content strictly online. Instead of spending 2 full paragraphs explaining why people are looking online for cars and convincing you that you need to have an online presence, let's spend a moment featuring the highlights of our dealer websites:

  • Clean, easy navigation so users can browse your inventory and find the car they're looking for
  • Phone number present on every page so site visitors can call you easily
  • A contact form so site visitors can write to you with inquiries
  • Clear display of the vehicles in your inventory with pictures and other pertinent details. Inventory can be  synchronized with the Advanced Car Dealer Manager Dealer Management System if you choose
  • A location map so site visitors can figure out how to get to your lot and visit you in-person if they like what they see online
  • Make an Offer form on each page so that your visitors can write to you and express their interst in the car
  • Search engine optimized pages that get indexed and organically placed in the search results of the majr search engines
  • Load up to 80 pictures for each vehicle
  • Decode the VIN of your vehicles and load them on your website in seconds.
  • Add dozens of vehicle pics from your camera or computer with just 1 click.
  • Be up and running, live and online within 24 hours.
  • we buy your domain name and provide the hosting
  • We provide you with a real email address tha ends in your domain so you can look more credible and professional. Instead of a yahoo, gmail, hotmail, live, msn or other free account, you can gain credibility with ane e-mail address that is a part of your web domain  (i.e.

Every dealer has a reason why the consumer should spend money in their dealership, but the truth is that consumers have choices. Dealers need to acknowledge the value of a customer having a good experience with you - online and in-person. So start wth a website and get yourself out there. Make in impact. Showcase your inventory. Sell more cars.

Integrated Dealer Solutions can't change the way you interact with the customer in-person, but we can assure you that with our cutting edge website design your customers will find that working with you is easier and better than with the next guy down the block. The sites we design for dealers are to-the-point and get the job done. We service dealers all over the United States with dealer websites.

Optional: Our dealer websites integrate with the Advanced Car Dealer Manager dealer management system. When you add a new car into your inventory, the whole world knows about it - instantly! When you sell a car and remove it from inventory, that gets updated on your website too. The importance of a website is great, but the importance of a website that integrates with your dealer management system and virtually automatically updates your website as your inventory changes is invaluable.

Visit Dealer Jump to get your car dealer website up and running today.


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