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Dealer Management Software System: Advanced Car Dealer Manager

The Advanced Car Dealer ManagerŪ software program is designed to make selling a car mindless. The system caters to Florida-based dealers, so if you're a dealer in Florida, you can run your business with confidence using Advanced Car Dealer ManagerŪ. Dealerships that currently use a dealer management system OR pen and paper can benefit from our software.

Here's why it's so right for your dealership:

  • It accounts for all the various Florida-specific regulations that you must abide by.
  • The program tells you of any errors that may exist in your deal before you print paperwork (i.e. the APR is too high for the car being sold, no salesperson is credited on the deal, and many more)
  • The appropriate deal paperwork automatically prints, making the process easy and effortless. Even a rookie salesperson can sell cars using the program (and do it according to state guidelines).
  • Spend more time focusing on your business and less on the paperwork.

The Advanced Car Dealer Manager® software program serves 6 primary functions for independent car dealers in Florida:

  1. Prints all the necessary paperwork required by federal and state regulations for dealerships.
  2. Manages your entire inventory with detailed info about each car, your cost basis for the car, optional warranty info, a washout report, easy access to DMV data with the click of a button, automatic license status verification and more.
  3. Manages info about your sales, customers and the cars being sold with detailed info (such as keeping track of the when title transfers are complete).
  4. Whatever your finance source is, we can assure you that the software will conform to your needs. It allows you to finance deals in compliance with numerous financial instituions and their differing requirements (some want balloon amount at end, some don't; some want APR interest, some want add-on interest). Different banks ask for different finance contracts and we have them in our system ready to be printed..
  5. Controls and organizes your Buy Here - Pay Here program (if applicable to your dealership), allowing you to view detailed history about customers and increase your on-time payments. With advanced features collections is a breeze. You can visualize trends with graphs, organize all past due accounts in one window, write notes about collections efforts on particular accounts, and more...all allowing you to work more efficiently and improve collections.
  6. Automatically integrates with your website so your inventory list and vehicle images are always up-to-date online.

No advanced computer skills are needed to use the program. No training or prior comprehensive knowledge of Florida dealership regulations or how to do the paperwork for a sale is required. It wouldn't be unreasonable to hire a salesperson at 10 AM on a Monday and have that person processing sales for the dealership as early as 10:30 AM that day!

The system offers dozens of reports and charts. These are used to better understand the details of your business that may not be readily apparent. For advanced users, the system emulates Quickbooks with various accounting features, so even your accountant will appreciate the results the program brings you.

We take much pride in our approach to customer service. If you need a custom form or new report (i.e. finance contract, notice to customer, custom report), we will gladly incorporate it for free.

Think of all the advantages your dealership could find with the time no longer wasted writing new inventory, putting together price lists and filling out paperwork. Our system is easier to use and more detailed than other dealer management systems making it more reliable and helpful. It is an absolute necessity for dealers who currently use no dealer management system.

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